Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Deer

So Saturday started out really Good
Then it slowly went down until BANG big old deer. Everyone is a OK ( a little shook up but OK ) The damage is pretty bad and getting a file number seems to be a feat beyond imagination. The A.M.A people were very helpful and kind, thank the dear lord for them. So I can home with no skates ( different story ) and a damaged vehicle. So I have no new scrap booking photos to post yet but promise to do so shortly, till then Happy Scrapping.
PS these are some Valentines my daughter did for her class, they are little milk cartons decorated and filled with candy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

well i have certainly been slacking in my blog, and I blame it on a full life! these are a couple of family photos from the year. The Top Photo is Raye, we were at a dance convention in Calgary. we were able to meet and learn from some very talented dancers. and best of all Raye was able to meet Mary Murphy. The middle photo is my mom aka Mema. She was able to come visit for a week at Christmas (not nearly long enough). and the last photo is Cosmo (my buddie) and Thunder It looks like Cosmo dose not approve of the picture taking! I love this photo. Well that is about it. I hope to have some scrap booking photos up soon.
take care and happy scrapping!

Friday, October 16, 2009

As Promised here are some of the cards I have been working on. It seems really odd to post Christmas before Halloween, however, thats what was asked of me. So I had written off card making because I thought it was stupid and a COMPLETE waste of time. Hmmmmm turns out I was wrong. Yes folks feel free to write it on the calendar, I was wrong. I don't think I would do cards on a regular basis. The Christmas card were really fun, probably because you can do so much with them. On Most of my cards I used a border punch in a variety of ways and also used stamps and colored them with Copic markers. I really enjoyed making my cards this time around, I guess my lesson this time is to not be so quick to Judge! To many times people in general tend to judge really quickly, I too am guilty of that very action. I will try my best to look at Every thing in life as an opportunity and keep an open mind. Happy Scrappin!